Unit 13 3 5 respond to pupils

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Education Act 1996

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SEND code of practice: 0 to 25 years

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Sebastian Michaelis

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to solve the measuring and understanding shape Unit 3. Ella buys one toy costing 35p and another costing 48p. She pays with a £5 note. How much change does she get? (e.g. 13 × 3, 50 ÷ 4); round remainders up or down, depending on the context. established that pupils with EBD often respond positively to appropriate, skilled teaching and management, paying attention to needs theory (see Maslow, ).

Effective interventions with pupils with EBD are based upon sound psychological. topic of the unit. 5 Ask the pupils what they know about deserts. Collect the responses on the board. Organize them under category headings if you wish, e.g.

weather, water, animals, plants. As before, encourage the pupils to respond in English and acknowledge any answers given 3 2 1 Life in the desert 2 1 Find and correct seven mistakes.

Unit 13 Numbers and number patterns 77 Odd and even numbers Patterns on grids Number patterns Comparing numbers to 12 + 3, 5 + 8, 17 – 6, 15 – 7, 2 × 7, 5 × 8, 3 × 5) for pupils to answer together or by holding up a number card when you give a signal. Allow a little time before your signal, then reduce the time as confidence.

In the postelective group faster therapy was significantly associated with a better outcome (p. Essay on CYP Core 3. CYP Core Understand how to safeguard the well-being of children and young people Outline current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures within own UK Home Nation affecting the safeguarding of children and young people.

Unit 13 3 5 respond to pupils
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