Summary of zita by arturo rotor

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What is the summary of Zita by Arturo Rotor?

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Arturo Belleza Rotor

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Aug 09,  · "Zita" is one of the famous pre-WWII short stories, written by Arturo Rotoro ( to The name might be familiar to you because Rotor was a very well known medical doctor and the disease "Rotor Syndrome" which he isolated and first correctly described is named after The Reading Life.

Aug 09,  · Arturo Rotor, M. D. Out of posts on The Reading Life, the top two most read posts of all times are my posts on two older short stories by authors from the Philippines, "How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife" by Manuel Arguilla and "The Wedding Dance" by Amador The Reading Life.

Feb 05,  · Reflection: Zita This is a simplified realization and as well ideas from a given phrase based from the story made by Arturo B. Rotor. REFLECTION “Look Zita, Summary for the story “Clay” by Juan Gatbonton; F-5 Airframe - Doubts and Rumors; Reflection: Wedding Dance;Author: The Pitzviews.

Arturo Rotor is a Filipino medical doctor / physician, civil servant, musician and writer. He was an internationally respected writer of fiction and non-fiction in English. He was a charter member of the Philippine Book Guild and his work The Moon and The Scar was the guild's initial publication.

Zita. Zita is the only daughter of Don Eliodoro, a tycoon in the place. Now I guess, logically, Zita is also the name of Mr. Reteche's lover whose identity was hidden by Mr. Rotor (The Author) And perhaps the complete essence was hidden too. Zita By Arturo B.

Rotor Setting Land of Anayat Theme Unrequited Love Characters Zita- is the girl who fell in love with her tutor which is ncmlittleton.come. she is the daughter of Don Eleodoro, she has the same characteristics and the same name of the girl that ncmlittleton.come want to forget.

Summary of zita by arturo rotor
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The Reading Life: "Zita" by Arturo B. Rotor