Relief logistics

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We support America's small businesses.

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The SBA connects entrepreneurs with lenders and funding to help them plan, start and grow their business. At Fritz Institute our mission is to innovate solutions and facilitate the adoption of best practices for rapid and effective disaster response and recovery in communities around the world.

Today, more people than ever are vulnerable to natural disasters. Population growth and environmental degradation mean that the average number of people requiring help each year after storms.

The Panalpina Group is one of the world's leading providers of supply chain solutions. The company combines its core products of Air Freight, Ocean Freight, and Logistics to deliver globally integrated, tailor-made end-to-end solutions for eleven core industries.

Drawing on in-depth industry know-how and customized IT systems, Panalpina manages the needs of its customers' supply chains, no. Relief efforts are often funded by donations that are dramatically larger after the disaster event occurs, making it extremely difficult for relief organizations to develop and maintain the logistics expertise found in commercial organizations. is the best child care charity organizations in USA. We are a humanitarian organization working to find shelters for children, homeless charities, disaster relief charities and more.

Relief logistics
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