Reducing teen pregnancy

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What Can We Do to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy?

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Jul 11,  · Programs That Fight Teenage Pregnancy Are at Risk of Being Cut The Trump administration questions the impact of the programs, but teenagers say they learn to say no to sex, or at least to unsafe sex. Isabel V. Sawhill enumerate steps to be taken that will have the potential to maintain the progress made over the past decade in reducing teen and out-of-wedlock pregnancies.

About Teen Pregnancy

How Do We Reduce Teen Pregnancy in the U.S.? Teen pregnancy has been on the decline in the United States since its peak in Inteen pregnancy rates were 44 percent lower than in. CDC Priority: Reducing Teen Pregnancy and Promoting Health Equity Among Youth Teen pregnancy prevention is one of CDC’s top seven priorities, a “winnable battle” in public health, and of paramount importance to health and quality of life for our youth.

Visit HHS’ searchable database to find a program that was shown to be effective in reducing teen pregnancy, STDs, and behavioral risks, and that fits the needs of your community.

About Teen Pregnancy

Find HHS-funded teen pregnancy prevention programs in your area. REDUCING TEENAGE PREGNANCY Sex Education Can Help Prevent Teenage Pregnancy Sex education that is responsible and medically accurate, begins in kindergarten, and continues in with the highest teen pregnancy and gonorrhea rates in the country — the overwhelming majority.

Reducing teen pregnancy
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