R on the application of nicklinson

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Parliament and the judiciary

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The right to die – who decides?

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Supreme Court rejects right to die appeals

Table of Cases - This table does not include all cases cited in the journal, rather those which have been the subject of a case note or where there has been a substantial reference to fact, argument or the law in an article. (Grand Chamber) The applicant said that whilst a prisoner he had been banned from voting.

The UK operated with minimal exceptions, a blanket ban on prisoners voting.

Held: Voting is a right not a privilege. It was a right central in a. [28] Re Conroy A.2d (N.J.S.C. ) at The distinction is possibly a fine one, but it is hard to see why the refusal of continued treatment is distinguishable from the refusal of. This article analyses the argument in R. (on the application of Nicklinson) v Ministry of Justice that a doctor who, in certain circumstances, killed a willing patient would have a defence of.

R on the application of nicklinson
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