Mobile based railway resevation system

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Computer reservation system

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IRCTC Online Reservation – A Comprehensive Guide to Book Tickets Online

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Centre for Railway Information Systems

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In this case (as in most others) it is simply calling the database connection. Now to make this a working system. Mar 14,  · This is being used worldwide to automate the railways reservation system through S Skip navigation GSM BASED RAILWAY RESERVATION HBeonLabs.

GPS BASED VOICE ALERTING SYSTEM FOR BLIND. The system of reservation in India consists of a series of measures, such as reserving access to seats in the various legislatures, to government jobs, and to enrollment in higher educational institutions.

The MARS-1 train ticket reservation system was designed and planned in the s by the Japanese National Railways' R&D Institute, now the Railway Technical Research Institute, with the system eventually being produced by Hitachi in It was the world's first seat reservation system for trains.

Software has to be developed for automating the manual railway reservation system. The system is to be used on a mobile phone. Due to the huge number of mobile subscribers, there is a real demand to provide such a service to mobile clients.

Mobile based railway resevation system
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Railways Unveils Mobile-based Ticket Reservation System