Is3440 unit 2 discussion

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Textbook: ISBN / Study Guide: ISBN Refer to the SPHS Webpage for the daily schedule. Go to the Adobe Acrobat® website for a free software download if you do not have the plug-in. IS 9/26/14 Unit 2 Discussion 1 Identifying Layers of Access Control Linux Server Hardening Tps.

N.p.: nixCraft, #1: Encrypt Data Communication All data transmitted over a network is open to monitoring. Encrypt transmitted data whenever possible with password or using keys / certificates. 1. Use scp, ssh, rsync, or sftp for file transfer.

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IS Unit 2 Discussion 1 Familiar Domains Due Week 3 Discussion Requirements You are given a handout on the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure.

What domains do you work with or are familiar with? Workstation Domain and after researching the info on the subject matter. I have broken down the summary in two categories. Unit 2 Discussion 1: Identifying Layers of Access Control in Linux Learning Objectives and Outcomes You will be able to identify various layers of access control in a Linux server environment.

Is3440 unit 2 discussion
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