Fedex ethical issues

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Materiality Case Study: FedEx

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Fedex Organizational Structure

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Ethics S FedEx intent to create high business ethics S Mission Statement S Corporate governance protocol S Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (CBCE) S Whistleblower policies S Alert Line S Governance hierarchy S Independent Board of Directors S Committee Charters (4) S Audit, Compensation, Information Technology Oversight, Nominating & Governance.

FedEx continued to offer a 26% discount for NRA Business Aliance members. CCTHITA (Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska) have called for a boycott of FedEx for as long as they continue to sponsor the Washington Redskins - who bear a racially offensive name.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics 1 Throughout the world, the FedEx name is synonymous with integrity and reliability. Our reputation is an important strategic asset --. FedEx employees go through training to ensure and prepare them for most situations and help them understand how to read and deal with ethical issues that may bring harm to %(2).

Feb 04,  · Share Poor US roads mean FedEx is going through tires twice as fast share tweet Linkedin Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email The decaying state of .

Fedex ethical issues
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FedEx Ethical Issues and Emerging Technology