Anthesis silking interval calculation

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breeding for drought tolerant maize in kenya: selection for anthesis-silking interval The role and regulation of the anthesis-silking interval in maize. In: Westgate, M.E.; Boote, K.J.

(eds.). May 25,  · This observation explains why the anthesis-silking interval (ASI) has been reduced in modern maize hybrids, and short ASI has been the focus of breeding programs aimed at developing drought-tolerant maize varieties [37, 44].

traits are linked with assimilate partitioning by anthesis flowering stage leads to ear growth and reduces silk silking interval (ASI), ear growth and barrenness, which appearance.

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Anthesis-silking interval is a good indicator finally determine harvest index. The growth and of movement of newly produced assimilated to the ear.

The positions of the 68 mQTL for grain yield and anthesis silking interval.

Global Synthesis of Drought Effects on Maize and Wheat Production

The 95% genetic confidence interval of mQTL for grain yield and anthesis silking interval are shaded in green and pink colors, respectively, while those shaded in black coincided. Heat stress did not cause silking delay in relation to anthesis (extended anthesis-silking interval), at least in the range of temperatures (maximum temperature up to °C in the field and up to °C in the greenhouse) considered in this study.

Our results indicated that maize grain yield is reduced under heat stress mainly via pollen. Drought-induced changes in anthesis-silking interval are related to silk expansion: a spatio-temporal growth analysis in maize plants subjected to soil water deficit.

Drought-induced changes in anthesis-silking interval are related to silk expansion: a spatio-temporal growth analysis in maize plants subjected to soil water deficit.


Anthesis silking interval calculation
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